Thursday, July 1, 2010


The stupid thing about becoming too government dependent in a free country is sooner or later every government is going to run out of money, or the ability to borrow.

The USA is almost there, good men has stood by and let the liberals create this welfare state beast that has destroyed our nuclear family system, our breadbasket small farmers, and lastly any emergency capacity to barter.

Those things are the basic of every civilized society and for their loss the USA is going to pay dearly in pain, suffering, and starving. The great wisdom found in Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr's books and writings lay out the wisest course to take.

Privatizing government out of its super social and family provider role is the first thing that must be done. Next, the minimum wage must be completely eliminated and all taxes cut to the bone, that will then set entrepreneurs free to feed and save America.

I have too much wisdom and common sense to be taken serious in this insane economic atmosphere, my great wisdom and sound judgment will be written off as the ranting and raving of a lunatic.

I say to hell with the party line and following any be happy economic propaganda over a cliff, because if we stay on the course we are on America will not survive.

Anyone with an ounce of economic wisdom will know that I’m right. Actually, the jig is up. If we don’t move fast and get out front on this, nature’s law of “Natural selection” will to do it its way, which is cold, brutal, and unforgiving.

With my great wisdom I will give you a very simple answer that has withstood the test of time and is guaranteed to work. Jobs are created by those with the funds and resources who want to and expect to make a profit.

If you take away any one of those ingredients jobs won’t be created. The biggest culprit that is hindering job creation is big government by taxing away job producing business profit.

Making a profit is the only thing that can generate wealth. Sure, power can take from others or make others work for free and acquire wealth but only profit can generate wealth.

The problem with the USA economy and the global economy is it is like a vehicle with no reverse and that is stupid; no one would buy a car with no reverse.

That has created a false conception in most Americans that more and more money is the answer, wrong. It is not the amount of money but the buying power of money that is most important.

If it takes $50.00 to buy what we use to buy for $5.00 we have lost ground instead of gained ground in terms of buying power which is like a dog chasing its own tail, read Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr's books and writing on how to save America.

Big Government as a social and family provider has locked the USA and Europe into a global economic system that requires higher and higher taxes to support bigger and bigger government in a never ending inflationary spiral.

Around and around it goes with each tax increase cutting deeper and deeper into a business's profit until nothing is left. Plus, as government gets bigger and bigger the red tape hurdle on getting into business becomes almost insurmountable.

While all of this is going on you have masses of people bitching and moaning wondering why there are no jobs. Yet, these same people keep voting the big spending liberals in office to take care of everybody. Guess what, all personal and government income comes from some form of business profit.

It is very simple, the harder it is for a business to make a profit, the harder it is for people to find jobs. Also, the more business profit the government takes the fewer businesses can survive to provide tax paying jobs.

The end result is it is impossible for government to survive very long as a social and family provider, period. There is simply no way a welfare state can survive over 80-100 years, the drag and load becomes impossible to carry.

These same people think I’m stupid and uncaring when I say completely get rid of the minimum wage and kick the government out of its social and family provider role.

They forget the first priority is food, shelter, and staying warm. And no civilization has ever been able to do that without a strong nuclear and extended family system, along with adequate bartering capacity in small farmers and home gardeners, which our sugar daddy welfare state has almost destroyed.

A healthy free market place economy should be able to seek its own level like a liquid. By government invading the free market place and propping up prices that is what put prices out of reach for almost everyone, otherwise the poor with their numbers along would halt inflation.

This economy is about to crash but don’t expect anything to change. Practically our whole culture and way of thinking now is to look to the government instead of to self, the nuclear and extended family, and lastly the government.

Until the “New deal” came about around eighty years ago, going back over 5,000 years people depended on themselves, the nuclear and extended family, the church, the community, and almost never on government to survive.

You can get into ideology, different types of government, or whatever, but unless there is a profit incentive no economic system is going to work, there are no exceptions in the history of man kind. I predict mass starving in the USA and around the world soon. However, I pray that I'm wrong.