Saturday, April 9, 2011




Like I’ve said before, I understand how an economy truly works as well as anyone I don’t care how many degrees they have.

And I’m here to tell you I believe all the recent spending cuts is going to do is speed up the demise and day of reckoning of our welfare state.

I don’t want to be right on this, almost no one believes me anyway, so, let everyone just continue on their merry way. 

Sure, before the “New deal” and even on up to the late seventies cutting government spending would have reduced the size of government.

But, not any more there are far too many social programs waiting to kick in and over compensate for every spending cut advantage thereby vastly growing big government even more with an ever increasing dole population.

Plus, today this welfare state has grown into this super beast that has all but destroyed our nuclear and extended family system and all of the rest of the pre “New deal” survival infrastructure.

It is not too late to save individual freedom and the last bastion of true freedom in the world today, but the options are down to survival or getting big government out of its super provider role.

Until big government is de-clawed out of its all power super provider role no political party or anything else is going to keep it from spending this nation into total doomsday oblivion.

I try not to promote self in my writing but I do want to stress a point, I have the depth, the wisdom, the perspective, and the awareness that very few have, and I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that these spending cut are going to put this great nation in a do or die situation.

Caution, get ready for mass unemployment almost beyond the imagination. Caution; get ready for the dole population to increase like never before because the liberals, the head of household women, and the countless special interest groups are going to start screaming bloody murder about these spending cuts affect on social programs.

And I will be agreeing with them, because in a welfare state it is unfair to cold turkey throw people to the wild without providing a life line.

The nuclear family system has been ripped to threads by the welfare state and that have left masses upon masses of people that have never been conditioned to survive without the government dole.

Abandoning these people is like setting a tame animal loose into the wild, it would have little chance of survival. 

The politicians will not be able to resist it; a tax raise will be imposed on the fewer and fewer surviving businesses thereby driving the final nail in the coffin.

I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. have thrown out a survival life line and it is being completely ignored, my view is a drowning man shouldn’t be choosey.

No one will take me serious; I know the egg heads will never listen to my great wisdom because I don’t have a Yale degree or for that matter even any college degree.

However, I must do my duty and pass it on regardless. Here is my survival solution, it is no cure all, it is only a mean to prevent a total meltdown with millions upon millions starving to death in the USA.

No one will win but we will survive. The first order of business is the death grip the welfare state has on our nation's economic throat must be broken before there is any chance of this nation surviving with freedom intact.

If the nation doesn’t have the will or guts to take this drastic step then you might as well stop reading, my solution is then out of the question. I will lay out three steps to prevent the total meltdown of the USA economy.

(1.) To break the welfare state death grip the first thing that must be done is the “Minimum wage” must be completely eliminated because in free market place economics terms that is like a vehicle with no reverse or a water heater with no pop off valve.

(2.) In the USA the nuclear family system is almost totally destroyed from lack of need because of the welfare state, that means the government must never abandon these people without giving them a life line until the nuclear family system is restored.

Sure, these people must be helped but government must never give anyone free money on an individual basis, because that is what destroys the balance between the merchant and the consumer. That is what causes inflation and is the cause of the out of control inflation we have today.

(3.) Under current conditions the government must provide help to the poor and disadvantage but never by giving out unearned money on an individual basis.

Government must provide temporary government commissaries, housing, and clinics to keep people alive until the nuclear and extended family system is rebuilt in this nation.

Also, to keep government spending from contaminating the free market place some type of script or tokens must be use for those qualifying for government help.

A true free market place economy has never failed in the history of civilization because nature's law of "Natural selection" weeds out inefficiency. It is only through government interference instead of just collecting the taxes that kills every economy.

The nuclear and extended family system is how people survived for over 5000 years before the “New deal” came along and created this super welfare state beast, and there is not enough money in the whole wide world to keep this beast fed.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

USA NO LONGER TOTALLY IN CONTROL OF IT’S DESTINY, details, read F L Sirmans books & blogs

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Economic wise,
all of the spending cuts and taxes remaining the same are going to do is take a smaller pie out of the oven.

The only thing that is going to stop this runaway economy is booting the welfare state out of the all powerful social and family provider role, by eliminating the minimum wage as a first step. After the government first establish community wise only emergency kitchens, shelters, and clinics

I saw on TV where two small minority talk radio hosts are going all out to try to destroy the biggest talk radio show host.
They say it is in the name of protecting the public from race baiting. I think what they fail to understand is what free speech is truly all about.

Free speech is not just about what we agree with and want to hear, it is more about protecting that speech we disagree with and don't want to hear.
Hell, I feel anyone that genuine love and accept their own true self-identity will not feel threaten by every so called race baiting insensitive comment, because what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
I am already secure on who I am and stuff like that to me is like water off a ducks back. The key is to love and accept all people even if it is not returned, especially those of your own race who look like you.

No one is perfect and everyone has flaws, even if they don’t show. Many, many people will totally disagree with everything I just said; still I have a right to say it under the five freedoms listed in the 1st amendment to the constitution of the United States of America.

23 NOVEMBER 2010 1527 HOURS:

New update on air line search techniques.
I think the air lines, the workers, and all involved are trying their level best to make the best of a bad situation and keep the flying public safe.
Then on the other hand you have this negative constant drumbeat by much of talk radio and other arm chair quarter backs second guessing the best safety possible for the American flying public.
What this could end up doing is forcing the management into lesser security. Then guess what? Who do you think may end up taking much of the blame and heat if a plane ends up being blown out of the sky. Need I say more?

22 NOVEMBER 2010, 2205 HOURS:
New comment on air line search technique.

I think a few people are trying to keep a bandwagon going. Being patted down is not new, you go back over 40 to 50 year before modern metal detecting devices and it was not uncommon at all for some night clubs to do pat downs.

Its been over 50 years when I was a young man I along with everyone else was patted down before enter a night club and no one raised any hell about it.
No court is going to touch this with a ten foot pole, because then they would be responsible for what ever happens.

The people raising so much hell don’t have to answer for anything if a plane is blown up.


Let me get this out of the way first, having the pilots go through the same search technique is nonsense in my view.
However, folks if not the strict search technique, what is your solution?

Right now the same folks pissing and moaning the loudest will be the same ones complaining the loudest if their loved ones are on a plane that blows up.
Come on folks, no one has a gun to anyone’s head telling them that they gotta fly.

Take your voyage by ship or other means if it’s that bothersome. What are you going to tell your urologist if you have a medical problem, it is the same with the intent not to be sexual in any way?
At the rate of technology advancement today a better remedy should come about very soon.

But, until that happens, I say fly safe and live because it is not about any one individual.
I seen a lady on TV get all angry and rebellious, but, she could never come up with a real or better solution, which is the case with most of the get on the bandwagon complainers.
The vast majority of the people doing that type of work dislike the technique as much as you, but these people have family to feed. And their management has a responsibility to keep everyone alive. Talk is cheap.

F L SIRMANS, SR. PLEAS FOR DIVINE HELP! The thing about me that make my great thinking so awesome is it is not limited in any way; it has no borders or boundaries.

I have never been to economic school or taken any such classes! I don't know what is not supposed to work!
Almost all of my thinking is original; it is raw and creative from the core! Plus, my thinking takes in vastly more than the economic one leg of the whole survival stool.

I'm more of a deep thinking philosopher that sees the whole survival stool and how the economy fits into the grand design.
There are infinite variables in an economy many are subjective which makes it impossible to be manage by man even with a super computer.

What actually runs every economy no matter the type of government is nature's supreme law of "Natural selection."
Sure, almost any liberal bleeding heart do good economic system may work for 80-100 years, but, then the consequences of ignoring nature's supreme law of "Natural selection" catches up.
And then someone is gonna pay in blood, sweat, or tears. The nuclear and extended family system is the foundation of human survival. And is protected under nature's supreme law of "Natural selection." So, when the welfare state for all practical purpose destroyed our nuclear and extended family system the consequences is going to make us pay dearly, hopefully we will survive as a nation.
I’m paraphrasing when I say someone complained that democracy was a terrible form of government but is still the best government known to man. That is why I often wonder why is it so hard for nations to use an economic ideology that has never failed and have proven to always work time and time again.

It will always produce an over abundance of everything.
That ideology is: “Allow free competition and let the free market place work.” I think the real reason is governments just love power and the ability to control too much. Another cold hard fact on that matter is: It is impossible to “Have free competition and a free market place” with government finger all in the pie. The more government gets involve the less of a free market place you will have. When government sets a minimum wage which is like a vehicle with no reverse and enacts every kind or regulation and mandate one can imagine that means our USA economy doesn’t even come close to being a free market place. That being the case, no one has to tell me that a total collapse is possible.
In the distance past a collapsing economy was something almost normal. It was just a rebirth or renewal. The strong nuclear and extended family system along with plenty bartering capacity would keep order until enough new growth kicked in.

We no longer have that safety valve anymore, western welfare states has just about destroyed that entire infrastructure. We no longer have a strong reliable nuclear and extended family structure anymore everybody is depending on our welfare state daddy.

Much of our moral and religious code has been reduced to what comes out of Hollywood. And we no longer have enough backup emergency bartering capacity in small farmers and home gardeners like what got us through the great depression.

This welfare state super beast has left this great nation with almost nothing in term of bare boned survival in time of crisis. We as a nation could face almost total chaos.


Sunday, November 7, 2010


I'm going to make a short brief analysis of liberalism and not make this a long drawn out detailed analysis. The first thing is there is nothing innate about being a liberal.

Liberalism is basically a lack of survival awareness. To put it more bluntly liberals tend to be shallow with a weak survival instinct. I'm not saying that to be mean and put down liberals in a negative way.

Life is about balance, no one thing in a person's life make one person better or lesser than another. I wouldn't want to live in a world without liberals because it would be too hard, cruel, and without the tender side of life.

Besides, many a liberal has been converted overnight to a conservative, especially if a mugger slammed them upside the head and robber them. I understand why liberals don't understand me and see me as some kind of kook or nut case.

The main reason is they can't see what I see. They don't have the depth and awareness that I have. I can see everything a liberal can see plus much, much more than a liberal will ever see simply because they have never fought a life time of mental battles like I have.

It is like buying a new car. All of a sudden you see cars of your make and model all over the place. Nothing has changed they were out there all of the while it’s just that you were not aware of them. It is the same with knowing what it takes to survive.

If you have never had real test struggles on what it takes to survive you won’t know what threats there are out there. That is why almost nothing of any real and lasting value can be accomplished without struggle and hardship.

I’m not special of have any kind of monopoly on wisdom. There are many people out there that have had it a lot worse than I have. And never forget that there is an exception to everything in nature. Hardship and struggle affects people in two ways.

It will make most people more humble and caring and overall a better human being. And a few it will make more and more bitter. I thank God it has made me a very humble and caring human being with super natural wisdom.

To fail to prepare a child how to be independent and stand on his own as a productive citizen eighteen years later is not real love and caring. That is irresponsible parenting!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


(keep scrolling down to read of the doom of western civilization).
I think both President Bush's 41 and 43 did a great job in protecting and safeguarding the Supreme Court. And I for one will forever sing their praise. But, I believe they both were good, proud, and decent Rockefeller type republicans, also.
The liberals are experts at the gift of gab and blame shifting but I will never be fooled because I watch more of what one does than a lot of false promises and empty rhetoric.

Liberals know they can never admit their true goals and intentions and get elected. The liberals are saying almost all of the right things, but, look at their action record for the last couple of years.
Their action record has been to grow big government like never before, not take any responsibility for their own actions, keep shifting all blame to someone else, government take over of most of the private auto industry, government take over of 90 percent of the private real estate market, screwing up the private insurance industry by almost doubling the price if you can still get it, and then to try to take over as much of the private sector as they can, which I believe is to make the USA a fully socialist country.
Their record is not hidden; it is right there for all to see what is really taking place in broad daylight. That is all the proof of liberal’s intentions anyone need. God save this last bastion of true freedom in the world today.
I am under no illusion, I know the stuff I write is rejected by almost everyone, still, I must keep sounding the alarm even if no one takes heed.
I can assure you as long as government is a mass family provider nothing or no one is going to stop the growth of government. Sure, the tea party and conservatives will slow down the growth of government but they will find it impossible to stop all growth.
The reason is 95 percent of the American people don't see anything wrong with government in a provider role. There is no painless way to fix our economy and whoever actually makes painful drastic cuts are going to be voted out of office.
That is the pickle this nation is in. There has never been a nation that has changed course knowing it was headed toward disaster in the history of mankind. That is because those in power will never voluntarily release their death grip even if the nation goes down in flames.
The founding fathers put most of the real power in the hands of the people and the states, but, the people and the states gave up their real power.
The states gave up their real power by giving up the right to appoint two senate representatives every six years.
And the American people give up their real power by allowing the federal government to seize and keep the family provider role for itself. Whoever carries out the family provider role is the boss and rules the country.
It hasn’t finished consolidating it power yet, but the federal government already carries out a big enough percentage of the family provider role to stop all serious attempts at reducing its size. Very few government dependents are going to vote against the hand that feeds them.
This whole nation including the economy and everything else is now built around supporting one giant super welfare state beast. There is not enough money in the entire world to keep this beast fed.
But, if this beast is not fed our whole way of life will collapse into a giant dust heap, that is the pickle we are in. As I keep repeating with my great supernatural wisdom, the only controllable way to save this great nation with freedom still intact is to eliminate the minimum wage entirely, period.
We no longer have much of a choice; our whole economic system could collapse any day now. The first rule in economics is: you can’t get blood out of a turnip.
That means no business can charge more than the poor people can afford to pay and stay in business because there is almost never enough rich and middle income people to keep a business profitable.
That is if government just stop subsidizing prices with welfare and food stamps and gets the hell out of the way. Then the price of everything and the ability to pay will seek a balance down where most of the poor can pay for their own food and medical cost out of pocket.
And those that can’t pay should then have government run community shelters, kitchens, and clinics to turn to. The really sad thing is this nation’s whole survival is at stake, and most people don’t even have a clue.
THE FIRING OF JUAN WILLIAMS!I believe Juan Williams is a genuine liberal. I have seen him over the years on many programs. And I disagree with almost everything he says, yet I like Juan Williams.
In my view Juan Williams is no phony yes man that always goes along to get along. I think he is loved and respected by so many because it shines through that he is a truly honest and decent man.
Again, I almost totally disagree with him on everything, but, it is in my nature to respect decency and honesty no matter who has it. I think Juan Williams has that and no one can take that asset away.
I seldom comment on current events, but on this matter I felt a need to weigh in.
Spending cuts won't save welfare state economies because that is not striking at the heart of the matter. The root of the problem is government cannot take on the nuclear family provider role on a large scale without destroying the culture and everything in it.

All spending cuts are going to do is pit one group against another and speed up the process to doom. Right now all four legs of the survival stool are beginning to collapse. The whole system is out of balance due to violations of nature’s supreme law of “natural selection.”

It is those consequences that are now catching up with us. There are no free rides in nature someone always pays one way or another. The violations started with the “New deal” when government seized the nuclear and family provider role for itself but failed to maintain family discipline.

The liberals done this to keep power by handing out goodies with tax payers money and is still trying to keep it up to this day. That was the poison pill that is about to kill our economy around 80 years later. There is no saving western civilization until government is kicked out of the nuclear and extended family provider role, period.

Money or the lack of money today is not everything but seem to be the only thing that matters. But, the truth is civilization survived with trade and bartering long before money was invented.

The four legs of the survival stool are: (1.) The nuclear and extended family system, (2.) a strong religious and moral code, (3.) adequate emergency bartering capacity with many small farmers and home gardeners, and (4.) the economy and money with a physical backed currency.

Now, everyone is zeroing in on cutting spending, especially social spending. I urge caution, when the government has irresponsible created masses upon masses of dependents with no knowledge of how to survive solely on their own it cannot just walk away.

These people need to be conditioned to be responsible and think for themselves. Government must provide on a wide scale community wise emergency shelters, kitchens, and clinic. There is no doubt in my mind if the government get out of the way the free enterprise system with entrepreneurs will save the USA with its freedom intact.

But, one way or another government must give up its nuclear and extended family provider role or all is lost. No matter what the egg heads tell you, I guarantee you this ship is going down unless the minimum wage is gotten rid of entirely, I can't see any other way.

After first establishing community wise emergency shelters, kitchens, and clinics, then by eliminating the minimum wage it will allow a slow manageable means of avoiding a total collapse of the whole system. A total collapse could mean 100 million or more starving to death.

With all of my great wisdom on the line that is my analysis of the situation we as a nation are in. To not pass this on in my view would be a dialect of duty on my part. No one has to believe me or even take me serious.

If you think I’m a kook or my analysis is totally crap I assure you not everyone thinks as you do. What is your solution? If you have a better one, please share it, I have a comment section on my website.

The sun shall not smite thee by day nor the moon by night.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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Having the USA government fulfilling the role of the "Great white father" super colossal social and family provider is like having the fox guarding the hen house.

There is no way our all power welfare state is going to continue tolerating individual freedom in the USA because it already has the power to tax at will and take what it wants to continue ruling over us like we are peons.

The Supreme Court and no law are going to stop it unless the minimum wage is completely eliminated, period. Then the people can take back the family provider role for themselves and the government will be dependent on the will of the people like the founding fathers designed it.

I think one of the dumbest and naive political moves I've seen lately is the denying being a witch political Ad.
All that did was focus on the negative and give legs to something no one would have given a damn about except the shallow liberal news media.

Instead of her relentlessly pounding on no jobs and too high taxes which is a sure winner she allowed herself to be sucked into the mire of a juicy personal issue by trying to disprove a negative, which is almost impossible. Still, it’s better late than never to right the ship.

My unsolicited advice is get out front, let the voters decide, don't be shy, ask them which political party will most likely control wasteful spending and help the private sector provide real lasting jobs, not big government temporary make work jobs.

The obvious political party that will do all of that is a no brainier, let the voter decides. Whoever wins, hopeful the people will have heard both sides and not one side drowned out by a lot of emotional nonsense? .

Most candidates get side tracked because of the mass news media.

The media will bite on just about anything and run like hell with it if there is even a hint of smut or dirt involved. But, obsessing on juicy and personal stuff leaves voters without a sensible option and in almost all cases works against a conservative.

The liberals will go to the extreme in tossing the media some bait to help lure a conservative away from lower taxes and more jobs. I believe the Brown case is an example of trying to keep the focus away from high unemployment and too high taxes.

A word to the wise, don't let the personal stuff throw you off message. The majority Productive citizen cares far more about more jobs and less taxes than who did who. HELLO?

Keep the drum beat going louder and louder for more jobs and less taxes no matter how loud the personal distractions is blasted about you, then you can’t lose with the stuff you use.

Okay, let's get real and face the rock hard cold steel facts. Starting with the "New deal" the liberals from both major political parties has created our big government monster size social and family provider beast.
It has created countless government dependents with many depended on government for their only survival. What surprises and scares the hell out of me is around 95 percent of the American people don’t see anything wrong with government being a super family provider and think that is normal.

Nothing could be farther from normal; it’s insane for government to be a family provider in a free country. No free country will remain free with government in the all powerful role of super family provider.

Going back over 5000 years until the "New deal" came along the nuclear and extended family system always maintained with discipline the family provider role, then liberals in the name of government seized it for themselves solely to dish out goodies to keep power.

But, government refused to set standards, then family discipline went out the window especially in the African American community. And even to this day no one is instilling self-restraint in most black males and they are filling up the prisons at an ever increasing rate.

I can’t make you believe me but I’m still going to tell you the gospel truth anyway, there is no way in hell the USA is ever going to be saved from doom without rebuilding the nuclear family system as part of any solution. Now, chew on that!

Whoever is the family provider is the boss and has almost unlimited power over its dependents and in this case the voters. Whoever is your provider is your boss like it or not no matter how you spin it.

The only power we the people have left in America is our vote and that is practically useless in a real showdown because very few government dependents are going to bite the hand that feeds them.

Right now, you hear the Tea party talk and the talk about voting one team out and putting in a new slower team, drip, drip, dripping still ever so slowly toward full socialism. What we need is a halt and then a retreat no matter how slowly away from socialism.

But, until I actually see a retreat I believe it is still all talk because practically all of the real power is still in the hands of our all powerful sugar daddy welfare state provider. Really, do you people actually believe a new team in place is going to put a dent in social spending?

It has never been done in the past and I bet my bottom dollar it ain’t gonna happen this time if we get a new team running the show. Sure, there will be a lot of talk and promises but nothing will have any real teeth in my view.

Around the world you see labor unions and others rioting in the street when even the smallest cut or changes are planned. Well, the same thing is going to happen in America when real change is seriously proposed. And for now I just don’t think the voters are quite ready to do what must be done for this nation to survive.

There simply is no painless way out of the burdens and responsibilities the liberals have taken on for this nation to have to bear. I know the future may look hopeless but all is not lost. But, it’s going to require some great wisdom I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. can provide.

Whatever is done to save this great nation from total destruction must utilize the “Natural selection” process. Any piece meal cuts here and there are going to pit one group against the other to no end.

Forget about who may lose this or that the existence and survival of the nation itself is at stake. There is no avoiding deflation, plus deflation itself is not a bad thing, avoiding deflation is what got us in this dire mess in the first place.

The thing about deflation is it is harmless and healthy if brought about in a “Natural selection” process. On the other hand if it is managed solely by man it could mean everyone going for each others throat and total chaos.

Okay, first things first, before action is taken the goal should be to return the family provider role back to where it belongs with the nuclear and extended family system. If that is not the goal there is nothing I can do to help save this great nation.

If the goal is to save this great nation by returning the provider role back where it belongs, here is my propose plan of action: Government should prepare by first setting up all around the country community wise only emergency shelters, kitchens, and clinics.

Once that is done, completely eliminate the minimum wage entirely, period. That will through the “Natural selection” process slowly start deflating the entire economy in a manageable way, however, there will be survival growing pains, but they will be bearable, the economy and country will survive with freedom still intact.

There will be many, many, more jobs and the whole system will start correcting itself. The whole process depends on the government returning the provider role back to a quickly rebuilding nuclear and extended family system and letting the private sector rebuild the free market place.

Government should focus on internal and external defense, community wise shelters, kitchens, and clinics, and collecting a lot less in taxes needed. Deflation will bring about a balance where all prices will start coming down to where the average working man and woman can live and pay their own medical cost out of pocket. It is not the amount of money that counts its the buying power of money that truly matters.

This is my solution to help save this great country from collapsing into total chaos. If anyone else has a better solution step forward, then dismiss my plan of action. A word of advice, keep listening to the eggs heads that keep spouting the big government line and we all are going to be up S... creek without a paddle.

He that keepeth thee will not slumber.

Monday, September 6, 2010


(Scroll farther down for chicken with head cut off analogy)
The scariest thing in the world for a liberal is to get caught in a position where there is no one else to blame and he has take responsibility. To try to get a liberal to avoid shifting blame is like shoving a cross in the face of a vampire.

I really don't like to dwell too much on me when I write but there is a time for everything and I will be brief concerning me.

I know I don't have any real power to change anything or convince anyone else to make changes, however, no matter how small, I do believe I am offering enlightenment which can be a life line for this nations survival.

There is no doubt in my mind that I’m right on the vast majority of my analyses. I feel sooner or later more people will realize the validity of my great wisdom to aid in the survival of this great nation.

If I’m wrong I will continue to be almost completely ignored as a kook. But, if I’m truly right as I say I am all of the king’s horses and all of the kings men are not going to be able to keep my talent and abilities from seeking their own level of greatness.

If God willing and the creek don't rise I will stay the course because persistent and determination alone are omnipotent. “My help cometh from God, he will not suffer thy foot to be moved.”

No American business man wants to leave his own country and take away American jobs. But, first a business must survive both its competition and the ability to make a profit or it cease to exist.

What is really driving Americans jobs out of the country is the appetite demand of our welfare state to fund its super social and family provider role. The truth is the social and family provider role belongs to first the Nuclear and extended family system, the church, and community organizations, period.

As a last resort government should help out but only on a temporary basis. That has been the foundation for civilizations survival for over 5000 years until the “New deal” came along. I’m telling you economics is just one leg of the survival stool and it's not the most important one either.

If a nation doesn’t have a dependable nuclear and extended family system in place along with a good moral and religious code no amount of money is going to save it from doom.

Yet, I hear the liberals blaming everybody and his brother for America's financial problems when they are the ones to blame for creating this super welfare state beast that want to provide cradle to grave care for everyone with tax payers money.

Hell, I would be for big government taking care of me and everybody, too, but I have sense enough to know it's impossible and it will destroy the country. Get a grip America before the liberals leave us all to perish.

Have you ever seen a chicken run around with its head cut off, I have and it’s not a pretty sight?

I was born in 1942 and we lived on a farm. Many times I have seen my mother kill a chicken for dinner. There was sort of a chopping block in a back yard that you couldn't find a blade of grass anywhere.

My mother would fire up a huge pot of boiling water then go out to the hen yard and grab a pullet. She would take the pullet by both legs and hold its neck over that block, then she would take a large machete like butcher knife and whack the head off with one swing.

She would then quickly sling the chicken out into the yard; the chicken would land on its feet and run headless like crazy in all directions for several seconds. The hot boiling water would permit the feathers to be easily pulled off.

Today most people don’t realize it but anytime we eat meat someone had to perform a violent act necessary for our survival. That is what all of this activity involving the economy reminds me of. Almost everyone is running every which a way trying to come up with a solution.

I can guarantee you what the problem is in four words and it is what's destroying both the USA culture and economy, but reason and sanity has flew the coop; reality has yet to set in. And until these four words I’m talking about are dealt with nothing is going to work.

Way back before the nuclear weapon age of mutual destruction the authoritarian non-free market place governments survived by exploiting smaller and weaker states. Non-free market place states have never been able to feed its entire population except through slavery of some other type of exploitation.

Today no country can survive without a free market place unless it has natural resources to sell or receive outside help. “Government as a provider” is the four words I’m talking about and is the arch-villain that have all but destroyed our culture and economy.

Once government seized the provider role for itself and got drunk on the godlike power as a super provider, it don’t ever plan on going back to just protecting and defending the country and doing only the things the people can’t do for themselves.

As long as government is still in its super provider role we the people might as well kiss this great land of the free goodbye because nothing less than kicking government out of that role is going to save the USA from doom.

When government is in the role of super provider it has practically all of the real power and it is going to use that power to consolidate and protect that power, the country, manufacturing, jobs and everything else can go straight to hell as long as its provider role is protected.

You mark my words nothing less than kicking the government out of its super provider role is going to amount to a hill of beans.

Sure, government has a responsibility to help keep people alive by providing community wise things like community shelters, community kitchens, and community clinics, but anything more destroys the “Natural selection” need for the nuclear and extended family system. And that is the worst thing you can do to any society, because when the nuclear and extended family system goes culture decline soon follows, then the economy stalls and finally total doom.

When the nuclear and extended family can’t help an individual then to the rescue should be the church and community organizations, and if all of that fails only then should the government help with community wise facilities.

There must be a survival need for the nuclear and extended family system or it will cease to exist. A welfare state destroys that need. Kicking the government out of it provider role is all it will take for the USA to survive and regain its greatness because nothing else is going to save us from total doom.

I know my God given great wisdom will be totally ignored but still I’ve
did my duty. In life there are no free rides, sooner or later the day to pay the piper can't be put off any longer and must be paid in blood, sweat, or tears.

The energy and force that is driving this whole world wide decline of western civilization is the mostly big government liberals that are dead set on making more and more people government dependent.

Everything spins off of that driving force, you name it, high taxes, jobs going over seas, illegal immigrants, and every other ill of today is a direct result of liberals determine to finance their social and family provider role.

It is an impossible task because as more and more dependents are made you have fewer and fewer people paying into the system. Still, the liberals keep fooling enough voters with big promises and smooth talk to stay in power, what a sad situation.

I'm fixing to say something about me that is probably my wild imagination gone astray, but still it just may be an ounce of truth in it. Here goes, it is mind boggling how a shy neurotic insecure poor South Georgia USA country boy with only a high school formal education can raise up out of the ashes like a phoenix and influence world wide economic thinking.

That is truly a miracle that only destiny can bring about, if you doubt me just read some of my books found on any Internet search engine, Alias Freddie L Sirmans, Sr.

My miracle could never have happen before the Internet age. I agree my books may not always be top notch professionally written because everything is done solely by me. The formatting and grammar may not always meet the highest standard. But, none of that stops my supernatural great wisdom from shinning through.

When it comes to the bare bone survival of this nation many of my answers and solutions are unsurpassed. I believe what is at stake here is the survival of western civilization and capitalization itself.

I also believe my deep, deep wisdom bores through all of the smoke, fog and others distractions and strikes at the heart of the arch-villain (Government as a provider) that is about to take down the USA and western civilization.

Unless this villain is shot with a silver bullet or an iron stake driven through the heart the American people will never be able to regain enough power to stop this welfare state beast from selling this country’s sovereignty to the U.N. or some new world body.

Sure, I’m going to be called a kook, nut case, and a host of other mentally disturbed names but still none of that will proves me wrong. Only History can prove me wrong and the wait won’t be very much longer because I believe this whole global economy is on the brink of collapsing.

When you read my writing it is raw, crude, extreme, and undiluted by any editor or anyone just like when you drink your liquor straight with no chaser, only the rough and tough can take it.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.

Monday, August 16, 2010


The liberals don't understand it and is in a funk as to why the economy is not responding to their mass spending. What is the problem in their minds, they are using the same technique that have successful fooled the people for over one half century to keep their power.

They know the general public and average American doesn’t have a clue as to the basic of how an economy really works. Throwing gasoline on a fire will instantly cause a big fire but that is not the same as adding logs that will keep a lasting fire.

Well, it is the same with the economy, the first thing liberals will do is create mass social spending and construction projects which is like pouring gasoline on a fire. And sure enough in the past it would boom the economy for a few years.

Hurrah, hurrah, from the man/woman on the street any boom no matter the cost is proof enough for them to keep voting the big spenders back in office. The down side to using this irresponsible technique to gain and keep power is it keeps growing government bigger and bigger.

Now, we have on our hand a super big government welfare state beast. Remember, all government income and I mean all originates from some form of business profit from the private sector.

I believe the tax bite, permit fees, license fees, and every other type of government mandate into a businesses profit have become so big that fewer and fewer can survive, let alone hire new people. A law of nature is you can squeeze a tax payer lemon only so many times before there is no more juice.

Yet, the liberals are still trying to boom the economy with that same old technique of mass new social spending and construction. The difference now is instead of booming the economy it is putting more and more people out of work, wake up America. But, that is not the end of the story.

What that irresponsible technique has done over the years is for all practically purpose destroyed our culture. We have no strong and dependable nuclear and extended family system. Our moral and religious code is almost in total ruins, with homosexual and every other type porn everywhere and even in reach of many of our kids.

We don’t even have any underground bartering capacity to speak off, that have always existed in a nation of free people, the welfare state beast even took that away by making us so dependent minded, we have unshakable faith in uncle sugar for cradle to grave care.

It is a simple fact we don’t have enough small farmers and home gardeners growing their own food, and its going to cause mass starvation when this global economy crash.

God, I ask in your name please continue to bless this last bastion of true freedom in the world today.

I've heard the term "Anchor babies" but what concerns me is a few conservatives are being take in by that and the banning of the "Born in America automatic citizenship."

I think it is bad idea and I'm totally against banning something that has worked just fine for over 200 years. Right now it is about illegal immigrants and proving their right to be here, but by banning the "born in America automatic citizenship" it could come down to every American having to prove he has a right to be here.

Just because a baby is born in the USA doesn't give an illegal immigrant parent the right to stay here. A baby can’t provide and take care of itself so the baby must remain with the parent if deported.

I’m just glad I don’t have to make the decision to deport a new American citizen along with an illegal immigrant parent. I can only speak for me just one individual but I believe banning the “Born in America automatic citizenship” could open up a whole new can of worms.

Families that have been here ever since slavery may have to prove they have a right to be here. However, if the immigrant laws now in the book are not being enforced it really doesn’t matter if a baby is a USA citizen or not he/she is still living in America.