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The scariest thing in the world for a liberal is to get caught in a position where there is no one else to blame and he has take responsibility. To try to get a liberal to avoid shifting blame is like shoving a cross in the face of a vampire.

I really don't like to dwell too much on me when I write but there is a time for everything and I will be brief concerning me.

I know I don't have any real power to change anything or convince anyone else to make changes, however, no matter how small, I do believe I am offering enlightenment which can be a life line for this nations survival.

There is no doubt in my mind that I’m right on the vast majority of my analyses. I feel sooner or later more people will realize the validity of my great wisdom to aid in the survival of this great nation.

If I’m wrong I will continue to be almost completely ignored as a kook. But, if I’m truly right as I say I am all of the king’s horses and all of the kings men are not going to be able to keep my talent and abilities from seeking their own level of greatness.

If God willing and the creek don't rise I will stay the course because persistent and determination alone are omnipotent. “My help cometh from God, he will not suffer thy foot to be moved.”

No American business man wants to leave his own country and take away American jobs. But, first a business must survive both its competition and the ability to make a profit or it cease to exist.

What is really driving Americans jobs out of the country is the appetite demand of our welfare state to fund its super social and family provider role. The truth is the social and family provider role belongs to first the Nuclear and extended family system, the church, and community organizations, period.

As a last resort government should help out but only on a temporary basis. That has been the foundation for civilizations survival for over 5000 years until the “New deal” came along. I’m telling you economics is just one leg of the survival stool and it's not the most important one either.

If a nation doesn’t have a dependable nuclear and extended family system in place along with a good moral and religious code no amount of money is going to save it from doom.

Yet, I hear the liberals blaming everybody and his brother for America's financial problems when they are the ones to blame for creating this super welfare state beast that want to provide cradle to grave care for everyone with tax payers money.

Hell, I would be for big government taking care of me and everybody, too, but I have sense enough to know it's impossible and it will destroy the country. Get a grip America before the liberals leave us all to perish.

Have you ever seen a chicken run around with its head cut off, I have and it’s not a pretty sight?

I was born in 1942 and we lived on a farm. Many times I have seen my mother kill a chicken for dinner. There was sort of a chopping block in a back yard that you couldn't find a blade of grass anywhere.

My mother would fire up a huge pot of boiling water then go out to the hen yard and grab a pullet. She would take the pullet by both legs and hold its neck over that block, then she would take a large machete like butcher knife and whack the head off with one swing.

She would then quickly sling the chicken out into the yard; the chicken would land on its feet and run headless like crazy in all directions for several seconds. The hot boiling water would permit the feathers to be easily pulled off.

Today most people don’t realize it but anytime we eat meat someone had to perform a violent act necessary for our survival. That is what all of this activity involving the economy reminds me of. Almost everyone is running every which a way trying to come up with a solution.

I can guarantee you what the problem is in four words and it is what's destroying both the USA culture and economy, but reason and sanity has flew the coop; reality has yet to set in. And until these four words I’m talking about are dealt with nothing is going to work.

Way back before the nuclear weapon age of mutual destruction the authoritarian non-free market place governments survived by exploiting smaller and weaker states. Non-free market place states have never been able to feed its entire population except through slavery of some other type of exploitation.

Today no country can survive without a free market place unless it has natural resources to sell or receive outside help. “Government as a provider” is the four words I’m talking about and is the arch-villain that have all but destroyed our culture and economy.

Once government seized the provider role for itself and got drunk on the godlike power as a super provider, it don’t ever plan on going back to just protecting and defending the country and doing only the things the people can’t do for themselves.

As long as government is still in its super provider role we the people might as well kiss this great land of the free goodbye because nothing less than kicking government out of that role is going to save the USA from doom.

When government is in the role of super provider it has practically all of the real power and it is going to use that power to consolidate and protect that power, the country, manufacturing, jobs and everything else can go straight to hell as long as its provider role is protected.

You mark my words nothing less than kicking the government out of its super provider role is going to amount to a hill of beans.

Sure, government has a responsibility to help keep people alive by providing community wise things like community shelters, community kitchens, and community clinics, but anything more destroys the “Natural selection” need for the nuclear and extended family system. And that is the worst thing you can do to any society, because when the nuclear and extended family system goes culture decline soon follows, then the economy stalls and finally total doom.

When the nuclear and extended family can’t help an individual then to the rescue should be the church and community organizations, and if all of that fails only then should the government help with community wise facilities.

There must be a survival need for the nuclear and extended family system or it will cease to exist. A welfare state destroys that need. Kicking the government out of it provider role is all it will take for the USA to survive and regain its greatness because nothing else is going to save us from total doom.

I know my God given great wisdom will be totally ignored but still I’ve
did my duty. In life there are no free rides, sooner or later the day to pay the piper can't be put off any longer and must be paid in blood, sweat, or tears.

The energy and force that is driving this whole world wide decline of western civilization is the mostly big government liberals that are dead set on making more and more people government dependent.

Everything spins off of that driving force, you name it, high taxes, jobs going over seas, illegal immigrants, and every other ill of today is a direct result of liberals determine to finance their social and family provider role.

It is an impossible task because as more and more dependents are made you have fewer and fewer people paying into the system. Still, the liberals keep fooling enough voters with big promises and smooth talk to stay in power, what a sad situation.

I'm fixing to say something about me that is probably my wild imagination gone astray, but still it just may be an ounce of truth in it. Here goes, it is mind boggling how a shy neurotic insecure poor South Georgia USA country boy with only a high school formal education can raise up out of the ashes like a phoenix and influence world wide economic thinking.

That is truly a miracle that only destiny can bring about, if you doubt me just read some of my books found on any Internet search engine, Alias Freddie L Sirmans, Sr.

My miracle could never have happen before the Internet age. I agree my books may not always be top notch professionally written because everything is done solely by me. The formatting and grammar may not always meet the highest standard. But, none of that stops my supernatural great wisdom from shinning through.

When it comes to the bare bone survival of this nation many of my answers and solutions are unsurpassed. I believe what is at stake here is the survival of western civilization and capitalization itself.

I also believe my deep, deep wisdom bores through all of the smoke, fog and others distractions and strikes at the heart of the arch-villain (Government as a provider) that is about to take down the USA and western civilization.

Unless this villain is shot with a silver bullet or an iron stake driven through the heart the American people will never be able to regain enough power to stop this welfare state beast from selling this country’s sovereignty to the U.N. or some new world body.

Sure, I’m going to be called a kook, nut case, and a host of other mentally disturbed names but still none of that will proves me wrong. Only History can prove me wrong and the wait won’t be very much longer because I believe this whole global economy is on the brink of collapsing.

When you read my writing it is raw, crude, extreme, and undiluted by any editor or anyone just like when you drink your liquor straight with no chaser, only the rough and tough can take it.

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help.

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