Wednesday, September 29, 2010


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Having the USA government fulfilling the role of the "Great white father" super colossal social and family provider is like having the fox guarding the hen house.

There is no way our all power welfare state is going to continue tolerating individual freedom in the USA because it already has the power to tax at will and take what it wants to continue ruling over us like we are peons.

The Supreme Court and no law are going to stop it unless the minimum wage is completely eliminated, period. Then the people can take back the family provider role for themselves and the government will be dependent on the will of the people like the founding fathers designed it.

I think one of the dumbest and naive political moves I've seen lately is the denying being a witch political Ad.
All that did was focus on the negative and give legs to something no one would have given a damn about except the shallow liberal news media.

Instead of her relentlessly pounding on no jobs and too high taxes which is a sure winner she allowed herself to be sucked into the mire of a juicy personal issue by trying to disprove a negative, which is almost impossible. Still, it’s better late than never to right the ship.

My unsolicited advice is get out front, let the voters decide, don't be shy, ask them which political party will most likely control wasteful spending and help the private sector provide real lasting jobs, not big government temporary make work jobs.

The obvious political party that will do all of that is a no brainier, let the voter decides. Whoever wins, hopeful the people will have heard both sides and not one side drowned out by a lot of emotional nonsense? .

Most candidates get side tracked because of the mass news media.

The media will bite on just about anything and run like hell with it if there is even a hint of smut or dirt involved. But, obsessing on juicy and personal stuff leaves voters without a sensible option and in almost all cases works against a conservative.

The liberals will go to the extreme in tossing the media some bait to help lure a conservative away from lower taxes and more jobs. I believe the Brown case is an example of trying to keep the focus away from high unemployment and too high taxes.

A word to the wise, don't let the personal stuff throw you off message. The majority Productive citizen cares far more about more jobs and less taxes than who did who. HELLO?

Keep the drum beat going louder and louder for more jobs and less taxes no matter how loud the personal distractions is blasted about you, then you can’t lose with the stuff you use.

Okay, let's get real and face the rock hard cold steel facts. Starting with the "New deal" the liberals from both major political parties has created our big government monster size social and family provider beast.
It has created countless government dependents with many depended on government for their only survival. What surprises and scares the hell out of me is around 95 percent of the American people don’t see anything wrong with government being a super family provider and think that is normal.

Nothing could be farther from normal; it’s insane for government to be a family provider in a free country. No free country will remain free with government in the all powerful role of super family provider.

Going back over 5000 years until the "New deal" came along the nuclear and extended family system always maintained with discipline the family provider role, then liberals in the name of government seized it for themselves solely to dish out goodies to keep power.

But, government refused to set standards, then family discipline went out the window especially in the African American community. And even to this day no one is instilling self-restraint in most black males and they are filling up the prisons at an ever increasing rate.

I can’t make you believe me but I’m still going to tell you the gospel truth anyway, there is no way in hell the USA is ever going to be saved from doom without rebuilding the nuclear family system as part of any solution. Now, chew on that!

Whoever is the family provider is the boss and has almost unlimited power over its dependents and in this case the voters. Whoever is your provider is your boss like it or not no matter how you spin it.

The only power we the people have left in America is our vote and that is practically useless in a real showdown because very few government dependents are going to bite the hand that feeds them.

Right now, you hear the Tea party talk and the talk about voting one team out and putting in a new slower team, drip, drip, dripping still ever so slowly toward full socialism. What we need is a halt and then a retreat no matter how slowly away from socialism.

But, until I actually see a retreat I believe it is still all talk because practically all of the real power is still in the hands of our all powerful sugar daddy welfare state provider. Really, do you people actually believe a new team in place is going to put a dent in social spending?

It has never been done in the past and I bet my bottom dollar it ain’t gonna happen this time if we get a new team running the show. Sure, there will be a lot of talk and promises but nothing will have any real teeth in my view.

Around the world you see labor unions and others rioting in the street when even the smallest cut or changes are planned. Well, the same thing is going to happen in America when real change is seriously proposed. And for now I just don’t think the voters are quite ready to do what must be done for this nation to survive.

There simply is no painless way out of the burdens and responsibilities the liberals have taken on for this nation to have to bear. I know the future may look hopeless but all is not lost. But, it’s going to require some great wisdom I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. can provide.

Whatever is done to save this great nation from total destruction must utilize the “Natural selection” process. Any piece meal cuts here and there are going to pit one group against the other to no end.

Forget about who may lose this or that the existence and survival of the nation itself is at stake. There is no avoiding deflation, plus deflation itself is not a bad thing, avoiding deflation is what got us in this dire mess in the first place.

The thing about deflation is it is harmless and healthy if brought about in a “Natural selection” process. On the other hand if it is managed solely by man it could mean everyone going for each others throat and total chaos.

Okay, first things first, before action is taken the goal should be to return the family provider role back to where it belongs with the nuclear and extended family system. If that is not the goal there is nothing I can do to help save this great nation.

If the goal is to save this great nation by returning the provider role back where it belongs, here is my propose plan of action: Government should prepare by first setting up all around the country community wise only emergency shelters, kitchens, and clinics.

Once that is done, completely eliminate the minimum wage entirely, period. That will through the “Natural selection” process slowly start deflating the entire economy in a manageable way, however, there will be survival growing pains, but they will be bearable, the economy and country will survive with freedom still intact.

There will be many, many, more jobs and the whole system will start correcting itself. The whole process depends on the government returning the provider role back to a quickly rebuilding nuclear and extended family system and letting the private sector rebuild the free market place.

Government should focus on internal and external defense, community wise shelters, kitchens, and clinics, and collecting a lot less in taxes needed. Deflation will bring about a balance where all prices will start coming down to where the average working man and woman can live and pay their own medical cost out of pocket. It is not the amount of money that counts its the buying power of money that truly matters.

This is my solution to help save this great country from collapsing into total chaos. If anyone else has a better solution step forward, then dismiss my plan of action. A word of advice, keep listening to the eggs heads that keep spouting the big government line and we all are going to be up S... creek without a paddle.

He that keepeth thee will not slumber.

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