Saturday, April 9, 2011


Like I’ve said before, I understand how an economy truly works as well as anyone I don’t care how many degrees they have. And I’m here to tell you I believe all the recent spending cuts is going to do is speed up the demise and day of reckoning of our welfare state.

I don’t want to be right on this, almost no one believes me anyway, so, let everyone just continue on their merry way. Sure, before the “New deal” and even on up to the late seventies cutting government spending would have reduced the size of government. But, not any more there are far too many social programs waiting to kick in and over compensate for every spending cut advantage thereby vastly growing big government even more with an ever increasing dole population.

Plus, today this welfare state has grown into this super beast that has all but destroyed our nuclear and extended family system and all of the rest of the pre “New deal” survival infrastructure. It is not too late to save individual freedom and the last bastion of true freedom in the world today, but the options are down to survival or getting big government out of its super provider role. Until big government is de-clawed out of its all power super provider role no political party or anything else is going to keep it from spending this nation into total doomsday oblivion.

I try not to promote self in my writing but I do want to stress a point, I have the depth, the wisdom, the perspective, and the awareness that very few have, and I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that these spending cut are going to put this great nation in a do or die situation.

Caution, get ready for mass unemployment almost beyond the imagination. Caution; get ready for the dole population to increase like never before because the liberals, the head of household women, and the countless special interest groups are going to start screaming bloody murder about these spending cuts affect on social programs.
And I will be agreeing with them, because in a welfare state it is unfair to cold turkey throw people to the wild without providing a life line. The nuclear family system has been ripped to threads by the welfare state and that have left masses upon masses of people that have never been conditioned to survive without the government dole.

Abandoning these people is like setting a tame animal loose into the wild, it would have little chance of survival.
The politicians will not be able to resist it; a tax raise will be imposed on the fewer and fewer surviving businesses thereby driving the final nail in the coffin.

I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. have thrown out a survival life line and it is being completely ignored, my view is a drowning man shouldn’t be choosey.
No one will take me serious; I know the egg heads will never listen to my great wisdom because I don’t have a Yale degree or for that matter even any college degree.

However, I must do my duty and pass it on regardless.
Here is my survival solution, it is no cure all, it is only a mean to prevent a total meltdown with millions upon millions starving to death in the USA.

No one will win but we will survive.
The first order of business is the death grip the welfare state has on our nation's economic throat must be broken before there is any chance of this nation surviving with freedom intact.

If the nation doesn’t have the will or guts to take this drastic step then you might as well stop reading, my solution is then out of the question. I will lay out three steps to prevent the total meltdown of the USA economy.

(1.) To break the welfare state death grip the first thing that must be done is the “Minimum wage” must be completely eliminated because in free market place economics terms that is like a vehicle with no reverse or a water heater with no pop off valve.

(2.) In the USA the nuclear family system is almost totally destroyed from lack of need because of the welfare state, that means the government must never abandon these people without giving them a life line until the nuclear family system is restored.

Sure, these people must be helped but government must never give anyone free money on an individual basis, because that is what destroys the balance between the merchant and the consumer. That is what causes inflation and is the cause of the out of control inflation we have today.

(3.) Under current conditions the government must provide help to the poor and disadvantage but never by giving out unearned money on an individual basis. Government must provide temporary government commissaries, housing, and clinics to keep people alive until the nuclear and extended family system is rebuilt in this nation.

Also, to keep government spending from contaminating the free market place some type of script or tokens must be use for those qualifying for government help. A true free market place economy has never failed in the history of civilization because nature's law of "Natural selection" weeds out inefficiency. It is only through government interference instead of just collecting the taxes that kills every economy.

The nuclear and extended family system is how people survived for over 5000 years before the “New deal” came along and created this super welfare state beast, and there is not enough money in the whole wide world to keep this beast fed.

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