Tuesday, November 9, 2010

USA NO LONGER TOTALLY IN CONTROL OF IT’S DESTINY, details, read F L Sirmans books & blogs

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Economic wise,
all of the spending cuts and taxes remaining the same are going to do is take a smaller pie out of the oven.

The only thing that is going to stop this runaway economy is booting the welfare state out of the all powerful social and family provider role, by eliminating the minimum wage as a first step. After the government first establish community wise only emergency kitchens, shelters, and clinics

I saw on TV where two small minority talk radio hosts are going all out to try to destroy the biggest talk radio show host.
They say it is in the name of protecting the public from race baiting. I think what they fail to understand is what free speech is truly all about.

Free speech is not just about what we agree with and want to hear, it is more about protecting that speech we disagree with and don't want to hear.
Hell, I feel anyone that genuine love and accept their own true self-identity will not feel threaten by every so called race baiting insensitive comment, because what is good for the goose is good for the gander.
I am already secure on who I am and stuff like that to me is like water off a ducks back. The key is to love and accept all people even if it is not returned, especially those of your own race who look like you.

No one is perfect and everyone has flaws, even if they don’t show. Many, many people will totally disagree with everything I just said; still I have a right to say it under the five freedoms listed in the 1st amendment to the constitution of the United States of America.

23 NOVEMBER 2010 1527 HOURS:

New update on air line search techniques.
I think the air lines, the workers, and all involved are trying their level best to make the best of a bad situation and keep the flying public safe.
Then on the other hand you have this negative constant drumbeat by much of talk radio and other arm chair quarter backs second guessing the best safety possible for the American flying public.
What this could end up doing is forcing the management into lesser security. Then guess what? Who do you think may end up taking much of the blame and heat if a plane ends up being blown out of the sky. Need I say more?

22 NOVEMBER 2010, 2205 HOURS:
New comment on air line search technique.

I think a few people are trying to keep a bandwagon going. Being patted down is not new, you go back over 40 to 50 year before modern metal detecting devices and it was not uncommon at all for some night clubs to do pat downs.

Its been over 50 years when I was a young man I along with everyone else was patted down before enter a night club and no one raised any hell about it.
No court is going to touch this with a ten foot pole, because then they would be responsible for what ever happens.

The people raising so much hell don’t have to answer for anything if a plane is blown up.


Let me get this out of the way first, having the pilots go through the same search technique is nonsense in my view.
However, folks if not the strict search technique, what is your solution?

Right now the same folks pissing and moaning the loudest will be the same ones complaining the loudest if their loved ones are on a plane that blows up.
Come on folks, no one has a gun to anyone’s head telling them that they gotta fly.

Take your voyage by ship or other means if it’s that bothersome. What are you going to tell your urologist if you have a medical problem, it is the same with the intent not to be sexual in any way?
At the rate of technology advancement today a better remedy should come about very soon.

But, until that happens, I say fly safe and live because it is not about any one individual.
I seen a lady on TV get all angry and rebellious, but, she could never come up with a real or better solution, which is the case with most of the get on the bandwagon complainers.
The vast majority of the people doing that type of work dislike the technique as much as you, but these people have family to feed. And their management has a responsibility to keep everyone alive. Talk is cheap.
F L SIRMANS, SR. PLEAS FOR DIVINE HELP! The thing about me that make my great thinking so awesome is it is not limited in any way; it has no borders or boundaries.

I have never been to economic school or taken any such classes! I don't know what is not supposed to work!
Almost all of my thinking is original; it is raw and creative from the core! Plus, my thinking takes in vastly more than the economic one leg of the whole survival stool.

I'm more of a deep thinking philosopher that sees the whole survival stool and how the economy fits into the grand design.
There are infinite variables in an economy many are subjective which makes it impossible to be manage by man even with a super computer.

What actually runs every economy no matter the type of government is nature's supreme law of "Natural selection."
Sure, almost any liberal bleeding heart do good economic system may work for 80-100 years, but, then the consequences of ignoring nature's supreme law of "Natural selection" catches up.
And then someone is gonna pay in blood, sweat, or tears. The nuclear and extended family system is the foundation of human survival. And is protected under nature's supreme law of "Natural selection." So, when the welfare state for all practical purpose destroyed our nuclear and extended family system the consequences is going to make us pay dearly, hopefully we will survive as a nation.
I’m paraphrasing when I say someone complained that democracy was a terrible form of government but is still the best government known to man. That is why I often wonder why is it so hard for nations to use an economic ideology that has never failed and have proven to always work time and time again.

It will always produce an over abundance of everything.
That ideology is: “Allow free competition and let the free market place work.” I think the real reason is governments just love power and the ability to control too much. Another cold hard fact on that matter is:

It is impossible to “Have free competition and a free market place” with government finger all in the pie. The more government gets involve the less of a free market place you will have.
When government sets a minimum wage which is like a vehicle with no reverse and enacts every kind or regulation and mandate one can imagine that means our USA economy

doesn’t even come close to being a free market place.
That being the case, no one has to tell me that a total collapse is possible.
In the distance past a collapsing economy was something almost normal. It was just a rebirth or renewal. The strong nuclear and extended family system along with plenty bartering capacity would keep order until enough new growth kicked in.

We no longer have that safety valve anymore, western welfare states has just about destroyed that entire infrastructure. We no longer have a strong reliable nuclear and extended family structure anymore everybody is depending on our welfare state daddy.

Much of our moral and religious code has been reduced to what comes out of Hollywood. And we no longer have enough backup emergency bartering capacity in small farmers and home gardeners like what got us through the great depression.

This welfare state super beast has left this great nation with almost nothing in term of bare boned survival in time of crisis. We as a nation could face almost total chaos.



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