Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Why do intelligent reasonable educated people continue to be suckered by smooth talking pie in the sky liberals? The same question is asked when people are flim flamed, how could anyone fall for something so obviously snake oil tonic.

The same common thread is found in all cases, the victim is expecting something for nothing. An independent do-for-yourself individual will become alert and suspicious the minute someone promises to make life a bed of roses.

To all of those expecting big changes in the next election, it may happen but remember the welfare state has made most Americans big government dependents to some degree.

Sure, the Tea party members and a few others have seen the light, but still the big concern of far too many Americans is “What has government done for me lately.” The real problem is people just don’t understand the basics of what make an economy work including the news media and most economists.

The people can see jobs leaving the country and fewer and fewer jobs being produced. But, they can’t make the leap and understand why jobs are leaving and why jobs are not being produced. The sole reason for a business to exist is to make a profit to survive.

The first thing a business must survive is its competition and that can’t be done if the competition is using cheaper labor.

The people see the good the government does like helping the poor, the elderly, the handicap, the disadvantage, and so many good deeds, but they can’t see that all personal and government income is derived from business profit. And when you kill business profit by taking too much you kill the country.
SIRMANS LOG: 21 JULY 2010, 0132 HOURS.

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